Are mobile games taking over?

Gaming, as a whole, is growing every day. More and more people discover gaming, trying new games, or getting their friends to join in on the fun. Mobile games are looked down upon by traditional gamers, but each day things change.

The mobile game industry didn’t see any profit until 2012. Smartphones became popular, bigger, and better. There are a few key reasons why mobile games started to shadow, but not completely take over the console or PC games. Console and PC gaming are going through a revival right now and new games like PUBG, Overwatch and Fortnite are gaining momentum. Also, old classics like Call of Duty, FIFA (or PES if you’re into that game), GTA, WoW, and Battlefield never fail to deliver. Esports is also contributing to this revival. With many popular games having a tournament or a championship and prizes in the form of online game-specific currency, the gaming industry attracts new customers. PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch are at the top of hardware sales.


We carry our phones everywhere with us. Statistics say that we spend at least a few hours a day messaging, using social media, or playing mobile games. People prefer to spend their free time or their commute to work on their phone playing their favorite game. It is simply more convenient. Each day more and more people are getting smartphones. Last year the growth of smartphone users was highest in Southeast Asia. For many of them, this will be their first computer (smartphone), and they will do all the things we do on desktops on their phone.


Some people prefer significantly cheaper mobile games than spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on consoles, games, and accessories. The easy to use in-app purchases and discounts sway us more and more to play them. Most games are even free to download.

Evolution of smartphone technology

Technology prospers, and new programs and apps are created that make our everyday life more comfortable or more fun. Consoles are classics. Some may argue that they have better imaging, storage, and power, but you must consider that consoles don’t have gyroscope-aided or location-based games. Also, if we factor in cloud storage and VR glasses, mobile games may have the upper hand in a few years. According to Ubisoft’s CEO, “…from the next generation onwards, cloud gaming on remote devices like smartphones and tablets, will replace console gaming.” Another legendary game developer, Konami recently announced that their leading platform would be dedicated to mobile gaming. Other games that began to transition into mobile are PUBG and Fortnite with their mobile versions.

In the future mobile games are expected to grow even more. The highest category for consumer spending is estimated to be games in 2023. I don’t think that “only one will prevail” (console and PC or mobile) they can both exist at the same time. In the future mobile games will make more money. In turn, developers will be persuaded to change their direction, but for now, we can enjoy them both.